Kiosk can be a great way to reach new potential customers and establish your brand


What is Kiosk

What is Kiosk ?

A kiosk is a small, stand-alone booth with one or two individuals who helps attract attention to the booth to urge new customers. The individual handles the applications and assists customers to register themselves to access the various services offered. No matter what kind of business you're in, a kiosk can help bring your company to even greater heights..

What is Kiosk

How Do Kiosk Turn A Profit?

  • Kiosks in the villages will display the information about the various services to the audience
  • With this easy way to gain knowledge about the services, the audience will move towards the purchase
  • On every closed lead that is complete transaction done by customer, certain profitable amount will Kiosk Benefit.
  • On every Audio and 2Wheeler AD , kiosk can be at a greater advantage interms of profits.

Registration Process

Want to Register As a Kiosk ? Follow the Below Steps

  1. Kiosk person needs to register themselves in JustRefer
  2. Verification of KYC needs to done online
  3. After successful completion of traning ,Kiosk can choose location all over Andhra Pradesh or JustRefer can assit them for a location.
  4. After successful registration Kiosk will be able to Login to the portal.
  5. Kiosk will be eligible to view the services and can start their campaign on 2wheeler or Audio AD and start advertising the brand.

kiosk registration

How Kiosk Applications Works

Kiosk- All in One Place to Explore, Purchase and Grow

kiosk application


Kiosk individuals will allow customers to register with JustRefer so that customers can utilize various services offered by JustRefer.


After all the verification and validation done by the kiosk, customers can search for services.

Service Comparison

The Kiosk will help customers to compare and book the services within a click.

Service Appointments

After the successful booking of services, the receipt will be provided by Kiosk so that they can avail of those services.

Payment Gateway

Customers need to pay for the services as per the discounted price offered which may vary accordingly.

2Wheeler or Audio AD

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How Kiosk Helps Business with varous products



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