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India's First 2Wheeler dedicated local AD rider

What is JustRefer

JustRefer is a lead generation service that helps businesses to expand and grow their customers.

We offer an increased number of targeted and potential customers in B2B and B2C markets. The team helps in generating leads for the company to get more consumers and will convert those leads into potential customers. On the other hand, JustRefer offers a wide variety of services such as Prachar Service which will promote Brands in a unique way.

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Closed Lead generation

Lead Guarantee from JustRefer.

The leads provided by JustRefer are generated through a user-friendly web platform. The leads undergo a process of verification and qualification filter as per the criteria set up according to the services provided by our Merchants.

How JustRefer works

The Three Pillars Of JustRefer Prachar


Business Owner

A Business Owner is a company or an individual who signs a deal with JustRefer to generate leads, increase online presence, and assist in growing their business. On the other side of the spectrum, we make services available to the people who need them.... Read More
We work in the path to grow any business such as
  • Prachar Service

This is how it becomes a win-win situation for both parties such as Business Owner get their Brand promoted locally via 2Wheeler or 3Wheeler with a dedicated AD Rider.



A Kiosk is a small, stand-alone booth with one or two individuals who helps attract attention to the booth to get new customers. It typically provides information and helps customers order on Prachar service.... Read More

All a person needs to do is register with the help of a Kiosk on JustRefer and get benefits of various services provided by us at low-cost.

  • Easy to Use
  • Combined with multiple services so that customers can choose the best one
  • Lead Generation
  • Improve customer buying experience

AD Rider

We offer Prachar service for Business Owners to promote their brands PAN India, AD Rider will be a promote Brands in 2Wheeler or 3Wheeler with very new ways of advertising. We at Justrefer are happy to introduce our platform through which AD Riders will take Brands to next level with a human touch... Read More

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